“Are we there yet?” 7 Road Trip Apps to Keep Your Kids Busy

By Tracey Dowdy

Fellow parents, we are headed straight into “Are we there yet” season. Those four dreaded words can strike fear in our hearts; if we don’t do something and fast, we’re headed into potential epic complaining and meltdown territory!

Have no fear. These road trip apps can avert the crisis and keep your kiddos – and even you – entertained though those long hours in the car.

Berenstain Bears and Too Much Car Trip

Who doesn’t love the Berenstain Bears? This interactive book lets kids personalize the story with their own narration, learn new vocabulary with tappable words and pictures and offers parental controls so kids can’t accidentally exit the book.

$1.99 – iOS, Amazon

Sago Mini Road Trip

sagoSago consistently creates quality apps that “children love and parents trust”. Mini Road Trip lets kids take Jinga the cat on a journey to six different destinations in her choice of ten vehicles including a shoe or pickle. It’s silly, fun and will keep your little one entertained for hours. There are no in-app purchases or third party ads, no rules or time restrictions so the only limit is your little one’s imagination.

$2.99 – iOS, Amazon Kindle, Windows

Road Trip Bingo

roadtrip-bingoWith nine different game boards ranging from food and restaurants to license plates, Road Trip Bingo provides enough customized game play options to keep your kids searching across several state lines. Best of all, it’s free!

Free – iOS

Endless Alphabet

endless-alphabetUsing sophisticated graphics and clever wordplay, Endless Alphabet will keep your kids giggling and engaged for hours while building vocabulary and literacy skills. Each letter has its own voice and personality and instead of simple words like “cat”, Endless Alphabet challenges kids with words as complex as “gargantuan”. Kids decode words by dragging letters into place and once they’re spelled correctly, colorful cartoon monsters appear to define the word in hilarious ways.

$6.99 – iOS

Geography Drive USA

geography-driveAllowing up to 4 players, Geography Drive USA let’s kids choose their cars and correct answers earn virtual cash so players can upgrade their vehicles as they go. Kids can stop by the Visitor’s Center in each state to look at a map and learn interesting trivia like landmarks and historical facts.  The game offers over 600 American state and national geography trivia questions. The game is geared for ages 9-11 but parents will find themselves challenged and entertained as well.

$2.99 – iPad

Rory’s Story Cubes

rorysBased on the award winning storytelling game of the same name, Rory’s Story Cubes takes things one step further with digital interaction. The app comes with the “Original” and “Clues” set and in-app purchases allow you add more cube sets such as “Intergalactic”, “Enchanted” and “Prehistoria”. Players can shake and roll all or a single cube to create their story.

$1.99 – iOS, Android

Stack the States

stack-the-statesWith Stack the States kids will learn state capitals, shapes, geographic location, flags and more as they play the game. Each successfully completed level earns another random state and as players progress they can unlock four additional games. Fun sound effects and music accompany each challenge and will keep older kids engaged whether you’re driving through Delaware (first state to ratify the United States constitution – December 7, 1787) or Texas (The King Ranch in Texas is bigger than the state of Rhode Island).

$1.99 – iOS, Android, Kindle

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Toronto, ON. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances and researches on subjects from family and education to pop culture and trends in technology. Follow Tracey on Twitter.

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