Time to Step Up Your Game with Micro Learning

By Megan Valente

Education is the new black. As Oscar Wilde’s famous quote goes, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” and I find that to be true on multiple fronts. Really, what’s better than looking fiercely good and being wickedly smart? I’ll wait.

However, not everyone has the luxury of time or money to go back to school. Heck, not everyone has the patience for that matter. Studies have proven that we absorb more in smaller chunks, a lot like eating pizza in smaller bites instead of shoving it down your throat all at once (although…you can).

ENTER: Micro Learning

Micro learning is a huge tech trend that offers you a way to continue your education without the huge time commitment, the obnoxious commute to a class, or the crippling student debt that affects so many people. In fact, it’s an easy and remote way to learn during those awkward down times when you don’t know what to do with yourself, like waiting at the doctor’s office or when you’re taking a train ride.

Micro learning is so accessible that in some cases it’s even free – my favorite f-word!

Many of these electronic services allow you to pick and choose the areas you are interested in learning about, letting you break it down into sections. They are self-paced, which means no nagging professor can yell at you for submitting something late.

Take that!

Apps like Kahn Academy offer a full curriculum of subjects you can choose from, or you could always dig a little deeper and find micro learning apps for specific subjects.

Now you can finally tackle all of those things you said you were going to do but didn’t, like learning another language, improving your coding skills, or brushing up on your art history before your museum date next week. You know, just normal things.

Some of us can pretend that we’re micro learning to be scholarly, which is wonderful, but in reality many people just want to sound smart. Is that so bad? ‘Wow’ your family at Thanksgiving or break out the “big guns” and watch jaws drop at your next dinner party.

And micro learning isn’t just for adults! There are numerous apps that gamify the same micro learning style, so students can supplement their school work. I really could have used that when I screamed about my long division homework. Just saying.

We live in exciting times where we have instant access to an entire world of knowledge. Take advantage of that, whether you are six or 60, in school, out of school or somewhere in between, and push yourself to new levels. Never stop learning!

Megan Valente is a lifestyle blogger and barista and is currently attending Montclair State University. Follow her on Twitter at @TheDayILived.

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