The Best Apps for Fall Allergies

By Tracey Dowdy

Summer is almost over and we’ll soon be enjoying Fall, my favorite season of the year. For me, Fall means trips to the orchard, pumpkin patches, sweater weather, and better hair days since we get to say good bye to humidity. Unfortunately, for me it also means seasonal allergies. Some days aren’t so bad, but at other times my eyes are bloodshot and irritated and my throat feels as though I’ve been snacking on fiberglass.

The good news is that having a heads up on what to expect goes a long way in trying to manage those symptoms. And, as always, our smartphones can help. Here are a few apps that can make stepping outside your front door a lot less miserable.


allergycastSponsored by Zyrtec, AllergyCast sends you a daily weather forecast and pollen count based on your GPS location, so you know what the local conditions will be like and can plan your day. AllergyCast helps you track your symptoms, sends alerts and notifications when the count is high, and provides handy tips on how to manage your symptoms.

Platform:iOS and Android
Price: Free

WebMD Allergy

webmd-allergyWith so many over-the-counter, prescription and home remedies out there, figuring out exactly what is causing your allergies and how best to treat them can be daunting. WebMD Allergy offers personalized allergy and weather forecasts, plus doctor recommended tips on how best to fight your symptoms. You can even create reports for your doctor to improve your overall level of care.

Price: Free


rxRxmindMe is a comprehensive prescription medication tracking app, which can be used for more than just allergy management. Enter your prescription information, set dosage reminders, take pictures of your prescriptions, and track your prescription history for yourself and your entire family. You can download or e-mail your prescription history, and everything is password protected to keep your information secure.

Price: Free


around-meOn your way to a crazy cat lady’s house and forgot your Benadryl? No worries – AroundMe uses your phone’s GPS to provide a list of businesses nearby, including pharmacies and supermarkets. No need to wheeze your way through another visit. From within the app you can see the location on a map, the most direct route, add it to your contact list or email the information to a friend.

Platform:iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Price: Free

Allergies can be annoying at best and life threatening at their worst. The good news is that help is in the palm of your hand.

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Toronto, ON. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances and researches on subjects from family and education to pop culture and trends in technology.


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