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Get More from Your Activity Devices with IFTTT

By Robyn Wright

We all know that we can wear our activity trackers and see data in the accompanying app but you can do a lot more with that info with the help of IFTTT (If This Then That). When you connect your devices you can set recipes to trigger different things to happen. Setting up these recipes is quite simple and IFTTT has thousands of options available or you can make your own. All of these recipes will help you get more out of your devices.

To get started, sign up on IFTTT (for free) and then activate your channels. Channels are simple devices and apps that work with IFTTT. There are currently 166 channels and they add more all the time. Right now fitness devices include Fitbit, UP by Jawbone and Withings, plus Android and iOS devices which have their own built-in activity tracking capability.

Some of the things you can do with IFTTT and the UP activity tracker include setting your mood based on the amount of sleep your UP registers, automatically register a meal when you check in at a restaurant on Foursquare, mute your phone when you put UP into sleep mode, and adjust the thermostat when you wake up in the morning. You can find more UP recipes here.

With your Fitbit, you can set up recipes to automatically record your data to a spreadsheet in Google Drive, turn off your lights when you fall asleep and turn them on when it is time to wake up, remind yourself to take medication, and send a daily summary to OneNote. Find more Fitbit recipes here.

If you connect your Withings devices to IFTTT, you can set it to automatically record your measurements to a calendar, send your weight to your Fitbit or UP, have your Hue lights do a color loop to celebrate when you reach a weight goal, and turn on the coffeemaker after you weigh in each morning. Find more Withings recipes here.

Are you already using IFTTT with your connected health devices? Share your favorite recipes with us!

Robyn Wright is a social media specialist and blogs on her own blog, RobynsOnlineWorld.com, as well as several other sites. Robyn has a love for family, technology, food and lots of apps!