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Best Gadgets for New Parents

By Tracey Dowdy

Being a parent is a challenge in any season, but parenting, while you homeschool and work outside your home, from home, is a whole ‘nother level – like running through a tunnel with a boulder coming straight at you Indiana-Jones-style challenging.

Anything that’s going to take even a little pressure off can make a massive difference for your family. These gadgets ranging from the inexpensive to the not-so-inexpensive just may be the solution to at least one of your challenges. 

The 3-in-1 Hatch Baby Rest doesn’t do double duty, but a triple duty. It’s a soothing white noise machine, a nightlight, and when they’re ready, an okay-to-wake light that you can control remotely from a smartphone or tablet running on iOS (11 or higher) or Android (Lollipop or higher). You choose the brightness of the light and the volume level, and you can select from preset light and sound themes or create your own. It stays cool to the touch even if it stays on all night. (Starts at $59.99)

Midnight feedings, the bane of the exhausted parent. No more measuring and mixing formula while your little one wails. Toss the portion of formula in the Baby Brezza Electric One-Step Formula Mixer Pitcherpress a button, and voila! The paddle mixes the formula without clumping or adding air bubbles, meaning less chance of the baby developing uncomfortable gas after feeding. Dishwasher safe, easy to pour into bottles, and at 28oz, it’s portable and perfect for parents on the go. ($19.99 + 10% off with code MIXER10)

Once you’ve filled the tub with water, drop in B&H’s Infant Baby Bath Floating Temperature Thermometer, and not only will it tell you the exact temperature of the water (F/C), it’ll let you know whether the water is too hot or too cold. ABS/PVC environmental protection material and Plexiglas material, BPA free, 2*LR44 batteries included. ($15.99)

If your little one needs motion to self-soothe, the Munchkin Lulla-Vibe Vibrating Mattress Pad can be slipped underneath your baby to calm her nerves and settle her down. It’s portable and easily fits in a purse or diaper bag, stroller, or car seat. Turn it on and off with the push of a single button, it has a 30-minute timer, has an easy-to-clean neoprene cover, and is battery operated and cord-free, promising 24+ hours of soothing vibrations for your little one. ($25)

Though it may seem a little “extra,” of all the items on the list, the ZoLi Buzz B Electric Nail Trimmer is the one I wish I’d had when I had infants and toddlers. I hated trimming my girls’ nails. It’s battery-operated, includes a storage case, and four cushioned pads with varying grits to safely file down those tiny claws. 

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Washington DC. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances, edits, and researches on subjects ranging from family and education to history and trends in technology. Follow Tracey on Twitter.