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Verizon FiOS Steps Up Its Customer Support

Despite the tendency of technology to eliminate the need for human intervention, customer service still matters. In fact, it could be argued that good customer service now matters more than ever, a contention that’s well supported if you visit the chat rooms or social media pages of any well-known consumer brand.

Although the ability to reach a friendly voice is often a welcome surprise, access to the right online support is just as important. And I’m not talking about a pdf version of an incomprehensible user manual. Instead, I want well-organized, relevant information that gets right to the heart of my product or service issues.

These thoughts went through my mind recently when I took a tour of Verizon’s newly-designed online help pages, which might just be the new gold standard in online customer support.

If you are a FiOS Internet customer and you log-on to the support dashboard using the Verizon network, you might be a little surprised to see the page greet you by name. But this is more than just a gimmick. Because Verizon knows exactly who you are and what Verizon services you use, it can tailor its support pages to anticipate your exact service needs.

The support dashboard includes a QuickGuides link that’s a gateway to over 30 helpful and easy-to-follow videos. Each short video – most of them are no more than a minute in length – provides practical advice on a range of popular help topics, such as troubleshooting your Verizon router, or how to print wirelessly from an iPhone or iPad.

As well as the QuickGuides, there are more detailed support pages for Verizon’s three main services: TV, Internet and Phone. Want to set up parental controls on your FiOS TV? A dedicated support page will explain how parental controls work and walk you through the set-up. Want to re-set your Verizon phone voice mail passcode? There’s a help page for that as well.

At any time you can click the Ask Verizon button to connect with an automated Verizon agent. And if you really want to get down and dirty, there are always the Forums, where you can discuss everything from the best On Demand movies to how to find the recently-added SEC Network.

Verizon FiOS is well-known for its speed and reliability. It’s good to know that those qualities also extend to its customer support!

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