Summer Safety Wearable Tech

By Chantal Bechervaise

Whether you are planning on going on a family vacation somewhere or enjoying a staycation this summer, these cool wearable tech gadgets can help to protect your family while playing outdoors and having fun.


Even with proper supervision around water, tragic accidents can unfortunately happen.  iSwimband™ was developed by three fathers after a neighborhood boy drowned at a town park (with many people around, including lifeguards).

iSwimband-girl200iSwimband™ is a small, low power wireless sensor that is worn either as a headband or a wristband. The sensor is paired with a compatible Bluetooth-enabled smart device running the free iSwimband app. When both the sensor and app are activated, the app continually monitors the status of the sensor. If the app determines that the sensor has been submerged into water (not simply wet), or submerged for a (user-adjustable) dangerous period of time (typically 20s-30s), it notifies the caregiver via audiovisual alerts before the event can turn tragic.

The app is available for iOS (Apple) and in the Google Play store. It has a built-in battery that is not replaceable at the moment but it does have a low battery indicator.

Cost: $59.99 for one or you can purchase a twin pack for $79.99 (


I am fortunate to have a skin complexion that does not burn too easily but I have many pale skinned, freckled friends that seem to burn as soon as they step outdoors.  Sunscreen is important all year round but there are times when you when to head outside for a little bit to absorb some vitamin D. This device helps you get a small, safe amount of sun exposure, without sunscreen, and then it flashes when you’ve had enough.

SunFriend is worn on the wrist and comes in a choice of fun, bright colors. After turning it on, you simply set it to your skin’s sensitivity on a scale of one to 11, with one being the most sensitive to the sun. The directions recommend starting in the one-to-four range, and then adjusting up as you become more familiar with your skin’s tolerance for the sun.

Simply wear the SunFriend face up on your wrist but make sure it is not unobscured by clothing. When the lights on the dial flash all the way around, that’s the indication that you’ve had enough sun. At that point, you’re supposed to cover up with sun block or clothes, or just get out of the sun.

The SunFriend is waterproof and has a built-in cell battery which cannot be replaced.

Cost: $49.99 on the SunFriend site ( It can also be purchased through Amazon, Best Buy and a few other retailers.

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