Spring Cleaning Your Digital World

By Megan Valente

You can put off your spring cleaning by insisting that the dust bunnies are festive for Easter, but really, you know you should probably do it anyway. To kick-off the preparations for the upcoming warm weather that we so desperately need, here are a few tips to clean up your virtual spaces…which totally gives you an excuse to put off cleaning your living room. Well, at least for now.


Most people who see my home screen are shocked and horrified by the fact that I currently have 15,284 unread emails. To be honest, I’m horrified too. It just seems like such a daunting task at this point, which is why I decided to check out email organizing apps.

I personally like Inbox by Google for its ability to group messages together, because those pesky emails always seem to be missing when I need them most. It offers reminders, an easy navigation system, and better yet, it’s free for our poor wallets – free is for me!

If you’re a texting junkie like I am, I would suggest Hop. Hop is an application that formats your emails like text messages so it has a better visual continuity (and you’ll probably be more inclined to answer). Hop is also freee!


Pics or it didn’t happen. Well, it did happen, but they all got deleted because you dropped your phone in the toilet and forgot to backup your photos. I have two go-to methods because I’m a little neurotic when it comes to preserving my memories.

Google Photos is fast, simple and – you guessed it – free. They offer unlimited compressed photo space at no cost and it is as simple as making a Google account and uploading your pictures! It even groups them together by place, people, and event, and sometimes puts together cute little slideshows for you. What’s not to love?

I’m also a fan of iCloud Photos since I have Apple everything. They offer 5G of free storage and you can access it anywhere. The software can detect faces and tag your friends automatically – perfect for that friend who has been whining all week for you to send them the pictures from that one night out you had. Oops.


I feel like everyone around me is always complaining about the lack of storage on their phones. Here are some fast and easy tips on how to conserve space:

  • See what is taking up your space
    For Android™: Settings > Storage
    For iPhone®: Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage
  • Delete the apps you don’t use often. And be honest with yourself – you don’t need to be clinging onto that “just in case” app. Redownload it when you need it.
  • Delete the pictures off your phone once you back them up (see above).
  • Make sure your phone has the latest updates.

With these tips, you should be ready to conquer the new season with confidence and finally feel like you have your life under control. Well, at least until summer. Happy spring cleaning!

Megan Valente is a lifestyle blogger and barista and is currently attending Montclair State University. Follow her on Twitter at @TheDayILived.

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