Simple and Healthy Intentions for 2018

By Amylou McBride

As we jump into the New Year, it’s only natural to begin to formulate our New Year’s Resolutions. Ultimately, New Year’s resolutions are intended to make our lives healthier and productive but they’re often broken and forgotten by the time Valentine’s day swings around. Instead of labeling our new healthy habits as strict resolutions we must adhere to for the entire year, I encourage people to think of these new habits as intentions to live a healthier lifestyle.

The key to ensuring your goals become a part of your lifestyle is to start implementing them today rather than waiting until January 1st. Here are my favorite ways – and some helpful apps to get you started – to lock in my new healthy habits mindfully. Whether you’re a new mom juggling the everyday tasks and responsibilities or just someone who wants to implement healthy habits, these practices are for you.

Start Your Meditation Practice

If you don’t have one minute to meditate, you need an hour. Meditation, along with proper breathing, is the essential connection between the mind and the body that allows us to cultivate peace and calm amidst the bustle and hustle of our 21st century lives. If you don’t know where to start with meditation, try using the HeadSpace app. It provides excellent guides and examples to make meditation easy, simple and a habit.

Prioritize Your Sleep

It’s time for our world to start sleeping longer and deeper. Allowing yourself a solid 7-8 hours of sleep will not only erase any under eye bags but will give you more energy and clarity to be your best self each and every day, not only for those around you but for yourself.

Adopt a nightly routine that can include anything from a long Epsom salt bath to just allowing yourself to take 5 deep breaths in your bed. Allow yourself to have that sense of quietness. If you are interested in tracking your sleep to see just how much shut-eye you’re actually getting, I recommend using an app. Some of my favorites are Pillow and Sleep Cycle. These apps analyze your sleep pattern and gently wake you up when your body is ready to seize the day!

Move Mindfully

We all know by now the importance of exercise. It’s incredibly important to exercise mindfully so that you’re not overtaxing your body or causing hormone imbalances, which lead to extra weight gain, depleted energy levels, and hair loss just to name a few symptoms. To keep your body in balance, try to break a sweat every day in whichever form you love. I love to supplement my yoga practices with at home (or gym!) workouts with the Nike Training App; it’s perfect for all levels and all sorts of fitness goals, using a variety of equipment or just your own body weight. Be mindful and listen to your body. If it itches to be pushed, push it; if it screams for rest, allow it to rest. That’s where we find the perfect balance.

These are just a few healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily routine to find balance, energy and clarity. Take time to develop habits out of these practices, so they become non-negotiable despite the needs of children, school and work. But if you slip up, know that you’re not breaking any strict resolutions and you’re doing your best!


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