Quality Portable Sound with the Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker

Bluetooth technology has given rise to a whole new catalog of smart devices, including head phones and headsets, fitness trackers, smart watches, and even heart rate monitors. But Bluetooth technology has probably had the biggest impact on a far more traditional consumer electronics category: sound systems and speakers.

Remember when we used to spend a fortune on speakers that were tethered to one corner of the living room? Or when we spent even more to wire the whole house with a multitude of static speakers? Now, thanks to Bluetooth and smartphones and tablets, we can take our music – and a quality sound system –  with us wherever we go.

I have recently been enjoying the Soundlink Mini Bluetooth speaker from Bose and it has taken the idea of a portable music system to a whole new level. Whether it’s sitting on my desk serenading me with my favorite tunes, or blasting out the sounds at my daughter’s high school BBQ, the Soundlink Mini is versatile and powerful enough to deliver a quality listening experience wherever I set it up.

The Soundlink Mini is small enough to fit in just about any bag, and, at only 1.5 pounds, I didn’t even notice the extra weight. The Soundlink Mini has a range of about 30 feet, so it’s easy to control the playlist and volume from across the room. So far, my family and friends have paired it up with two different iPhones, an iPad, a Motorola Droid Ultra, and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. How do I know? Because the Soundlink Mini remembers each device, so re-connecting is easy.

The Soundlink Mini eschews the boxy design of other portable speakers to deliver the traditional Bose elegance. From there, you can customize your speaker by adding a protective cover in a choice of 7 different colors, including pink, mint, green, orange, gray, red and blue.

While the Soundlink Mini delivers up to 7 hours of continuous playback, it also comes with a charging cradle that can serve as a home base for your speaker. A wall charger can be plugged into the cradle or directly into the speaker. There is an auxiliary input port for additional audio devices and a micro-USB port for software updates.

If you’re looking for a lightweight wireless speaker option for all your on-the-go music needs, then the Bose Soundlink Mini is a great choice. It costs $199.95 and is currently available from Verizon Wireless with free shipping.

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