A New Age of Flexible TV

I still remember the time I was trying to clear some space on my old DVR and accidentally wiped out the first four seasons of Modern Family. I wouldn’t say my family gave me the cold shoulder but there was definitely a chill in the air!

Sadly, that old cable DVR just wasn’t built for the way families now watch TV. Gone are the days when everyone would huddle together on the couch to watch the latest episode of a must-see drama series or sitcom. We now have our own favorite shows and our own timetable for watching them. If that means recording five episodes of a favorite show and then binge-watching them in a popcorn-fueled TV marathon, then who are we to judge!

Accommodating the various TV-watching habits of every household member is not easy, but that’s where FiOS Quantum TV comes in. With FiOS Quantum TV, you can store up to 200 hours of HD content, record up to 12 shows simultaneously, and control live TV (pause, play and rewind) on up to 10 different TVs. That’s a lot of flexibility and a lot of different ways to catch your favorite shows.

Of course, an increasing number of people don’t want to be tied to the TV at all but want to watch their favorite programs on their smartphones and tablets instead. FiOS TV takes care of that as well through partner apps and the FiOS Mobile app. You can also subscribe to premium packages so you can stream movies as well as TV shows.

TV is no longer the one dimensional medium that we remember from our childhoods. In many ways, TV has succeeded in adapting to the demands of the digital age far better than other more traditional media platforms. With more programming, anytime viewing, and the option to watch your favorite shows on-the-go, we are entering a new golden age of small screen (and even smaller screen) entertainment.

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