Meet The Online Mom Team

  • The Online Mom BlogMonica Vila Founder and Chief Technology Mom

    Monica’s career spans two decades of 3-dimensional consumer marketing that has allowed hundreds of clients to create strong brand connections with key demographics. For the last 15 years she has focused on consumer technology and is passionate about creating tech savvy communities – empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology. Monica was previously PTA President at her daughter’s elementary school and is an active advocate of parents embracing technology by understanding both its benefits and risks.

  • paul2009Paul O’Reilly Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder

    Paul has over 25 years successful general management, business development, and financial management experience, including 15 years with technology and experiential marketing companies. He has worked on product launches and marketing campaigns for many of the leading brands in the industry. Paul has a proven track record for building successful start-ups, establishing fast-growth opportunities for both private and corporate investors. Paul lives in Westchester County, NY with his wife and 12-year old daughter.

  • kristin2009Kristin Barnes Sewell Web Design & Information Architecture

    Kristin heads Kristin Barnes Design, a graphic and web design studio based in New York City. Despite 20 years’ professional and technical experience, she’s well aware that her 8 year old daughter Piper is swiftly surpassing her knowledge of ‘all things online’. And her 5 year old son Rory doesn’t appear to be far behind. Kristin splits her time between New York City and Belfast, Maine with her husband George and their two little ones.

  • Joel D. Haber, PhD Special Consultant

    Joel is a Clinical Psychologist and has devoted more than 20 years in practice to better parenting and helping children, teens and adults lead more productive lives. He has worked to improve emotional and physical safety from childhood through adulthood in schools, camps, sports, at home, on the internet and in the workplace. Founder of the Respect U program, Dr. Haber has written two books, authored numerous articles and led conference sessions on topics including parenting, bullying and cyberbullying, building resilience in children and families, and the changing dynamics of respect and civility.

  • Jean100x125Jean Parks Contributing Editor

    Jean’s love of technology began when she built her first computer in the 1990’s. Active in the tech community, she served as a moderator for the technical site Anandtech and is the founder of the lifestyle site ‘the shoppinqueen.’ Jean is devoted to reviewing new technologies that will improve the lives of parents and children. She has a special interest in communication technology for those with autism spectrum disorders. Jean resides in Boston, MA with her tech loving husband Mike, son Matthew, and their cat Resident Evil.

  • barryBarry Myers Contributing Editor

    Reformed lawyer and current social media addict, Barry has spent his professional life helping brands communicate more effectively with consumers. In addition to his work at The Online Mom, Barry is currently readying the launch of a new gadget site that he swears will be different. Most recently, he was a co-founder and Director of DigitalLife where he successfully convinced the world’s leading tech companies to meet face-to-face with consumers and helped make it the country’s biggest business-to-consumer technology event. Barry used to have many hobbies, but these days he’s primarily occupied raising his son, rooting for Boston sports teams, and surfing the Web. Barry lives in a New York City apartment that he wishes was bigger with his lovely wife Miranda, their adorable son Gregory, and two pretty average, but still very lovable, cats.

  • Cindy Glazar Editor

    Cindy is a full-time mom, part-time chauffer, cook, and personal stylist. She resides in Studio City, CA along with her husband, two kids and two dogs. Her two children, 15 and 12 years-old, continue to drag her further into the world of technology than she ever planned to venture. In her previous life, she dabbled in marketing communications, sales and event planning. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Michigan and hopes to become a writer one day — ideally before one of her kids publishes their version of the story first!

  • Xander Rothaus Contributor

    Xander is a writer, computer/gadget enthusiast, avid sailor, and all round techy guy. While waiting to find his true calling, Xander has been a sailmaker, a computer consultant, an intern at the Moroccan embassy, and, most recently, worked on Ziff Davis Media’s DigitalLife event where he focused on the Guitar Hero III video game launch and other special projects. He is the tech expert among his friends and family and is called upon daily to explain or otherwise assist them in the adoption of all the latest tech trends. He recently graduated from Hamilton College with a degree in Political Science and hopes to continue to offer advice and consult on tech products and web services. Currently, Xander lives in Westchester, NY with his two teenage brothers and three dogs.

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