Home Networks Boost Online Study Aids

It was only a short while ago that “No computer until you have finished your homework” was Rule #1 in my house and millions of other homes around the country. If my daughter was in front of a screen, it meant one of three things: a video chat with her friends, the latest YouTube sensation, or a Facebook update, none of which were deemed essential for her ongoing education.

How times have changed! Now, rarely a day goes by where her homework assignments don’t call for use of the computer. Whether it’s researching authors or historical events, getting inspiration for science projects, or typing up an essay, a computer has become as important to today’s teenager as a backpack or pocket calculator.

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Online reference material is almost unlimited, which can present its own problems. With so many sources to choose from, students have to learn how to be both curious and objective, searching for answers but constantly questioning their legitimacy. But helpful web sites abound. From Learnist and eduClipper to Khan Academy, there are an overwhelming number of online resources if you know where to look.

And then there are the educational social networks. Web sites like Lore, Edmodo and My Big Campus are providing teachers with revolutionary ways to extend the learning experience beyond the classroom. Whether it’s confirmation of those homework assignments, reference tools for problem solving, or just a safe and secure environment for communicating and sharing ideas, these online platforms are growing in both sophistication and popularity.

Of course, such an immersive educational experience is only possible when there are efficient and effective home networks. For us and millions like us, that means Verizon FiOS. With so many connected devices, speed and flexibility is essential, and our FiOS Quantum service never misses a beat.

Technology as a driving force in education is here to stay, although sometimes I can’t help thinking that it’s the kids that are doing the teaching and the teachers that are striving to keep up! But whoever’s at the wheel, I know we all have to be on board. A great home network is no longer a luxury, it’s an educational necessity.

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