Get Your Kids Moving with Creative Playlists

By Robyn Wright

Music can be a great motivator for everyone, including children. Certain types of music can encourage our kids to get out of bed, settle down at night, get up and play, and even help them get their homework done! Creating playlists for these different types of activities is a great way to help kids get the most out of their days.

Morning music playlists should generally be upbeat and happy. The particular songs will depend on the age of your child. Look for songs with cheerful lyrics and a peppy beat. The music should encourage them to get up out of bed and prepare for the day,  as well as create a positive outlook.

Reading music may seem contradictory but classical Baroque music with about 50-80 beats per minute can help children concentrate. This type of music is also great for learning vocabulary and memorizing facts. Keep the music at a quiet level in the background while children do their homework in the evening.

Finding music that is related to topics your child is studying can help promote active learning. An example would be finding music from the appropriate era when discussing history or a historical topic. There are also plenty of songs available that are teaching tools on their own, like songs and raps about mathematics.

Music can also get the kids moving during the day. Create a playlist with songs that encourage movement and dance. Dance with your kids – it doesn’t matter if you’re not a good dancer, they will appreciate you giving it a try. Playlists for exercising with beats that match the pattern of the exercises will help keep them motivated.

We all know that lullabies help babies go to sleep, so try this for your older children too. They may not want classic lullabies any longer but finding calming and soothing music for an evening playlist can help your kids unwind and transition to bedtime.

Be sure to change up the songs occasionally. Keep the songs they really love but replace a few of the others. As kids get older, they can be more active in creating their own playlists.

I strongly recommend getting a wireless Bluetooth speaker for your home. This enables you to connect your mobile devices and move from room to room, allowing everyone in the home to enjoy your playlists and reap the benefits!

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