Five Easy Tools to Build a More Twitter-Fabulous Following

I have online colleagues who maintain interest by sharing and engaging in topics solely surrounding the areas that their blogs and social media accounts represent, but I believe that I would work myself into a corner if I were to adopt such an approach myself. Enter one of my most beloved online tools: Twitter!

Twitter is an essential social media tool for networking and expanding your online following. The Online Mom has 10 Essential Twitter Tips that I would advise you to become familiar with, and then check out these resources for some extra-Twitter tips:

Advanced Twitter search

If you ever wanted the guilt-free rush of being an unofficial spy, here is your chance! Twitter Search offers some pretty cool tools to help narrow down what you’re looking for and see what is trending.  Find out who is talking about, mentioning, linking or engaging in a discussion about your particular passion or interest. You can find out more than you could ever imagine (or care to know)! Or maybe you are looking to zero in on regional events or locations? Do an advanced Twitter search and eat your heart out!

Check out the app TweetGuru

An online app called TweetGuru provides you with a time-saving method to send a message to multiple Twitter users. After authenticating the app with your Twitter account, type in the Twitter handles of whom you want to send a message to. You will be able to send direct messages (not public) to up to 12 different users at one time.

Follow Conversations on Topsy

Topsy is a great search engine for finding out what people are talking about in real-time. You can follow conversations around the world and it will show you who, what, where, and how people are talking about your chosen topic. The Twitter conversations are often occurring right now, but you can also check on what was posted during the prior day, week, month, etc. You choose the filter!

Leverage your other platforms

Take the opportunity to link to your Twitter profile from your other profiles across the Web. There are standard ways via Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn to include your Twitter profile link, such as in the website, about, bio or profile sections. You can also mention them in your videos or watermark them in your photos.

Create a Twitter support group

I started to bring in new followers in impressive numbers once I began participating in online communities devoted to supporting one another by sharing tweets, comments, links, etc. Just one example is a local Facebook group I am involved in that specifically attracts those who are interested in buying and reselling gently used baby gear and clothing. Huge service, right? Similarly, we support one another with regional hashtag topics, sharing which kid events or resale events are just around the corner.

To this date, Twitter has been the key to my having established and built so many fabulous relationships and connections. Sure, I maintain them and interact in more than 140 characters via other platforms as well, but somehow Twitter has become that online cocktail party where the introductions and shout-outs occur! And if it isn’t broken….

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