Best New Apps for Working On-the-Go

By Tracey Dowdy

Does anyone work 9-5 anymore? With mobile tech, we’re able to seamlessly move from work to home to the sidelines of soccer practice and still stay connected. Developers are constantly creating new ways to stay on top of work while we’re out of the office, as well as improving the apps we’re already using.

Some of these apps are new and some are improvements or updates on older apps. These offer some of the best ways to help manage that work/home balance.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile allows you to access, read, and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point documents. You can create and edit documents from Dropbox, and the apps offers the option of looking at the original document with all the graphics intact or a Reflow view with a simplified layout more suited to a smaller screen. Although the app isn’t new, the preview available to Android users back in November is now openly available to everyone.

Platform: iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Cost: Free

Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable uses your phone’s camera to capture a complete image of your document, automatically rotating, cropping, and adjusting images so your scans are clear and easy to read. Images can be saved or shared via Evernote or other apps, as well as via email and text. If Scannable notes that the image is a business card, it connects with LinkedIn and gets information about the contact.

Platform: iOS
Cost: Free

Perfect Note

Perfect Note lets you organize upcoming projects and tasks all in one place. Similar to OneNote, PerfectNote is more structured with additional organizational, scheduling and security features. Both are great for staying on top of your to-do list, so it’s more a matter of preference than capability.

Platform: Android, Windows Phone
Cost: $1.99


Nintype acts as a third-party keyboard for iPhone and iPad that combines swipes and double taps to let you type 100 words a minute. There are shortcuts for saved texts, emojis and hashtags, and it’s available in thirteen different languages. Users have the option of a battery saving mode that disables animation and saves battery usage up to 75%.

Platform: iOS
Cost: $4.99


Workflow allows you to create your own work flow projects by dragging and dropping any number of action icons. You can create animated gifs and PDF’s, or grab all the images on a webpage. You can even create a speed dial icon on your home page for your best friend and many other fun features. Workflows can be launched from within the app or from another app with Workflow’s Action Extensions, or you can create a workflow with its own icon for your home screen. Workflow includes over 100 actions and works with your Contacts, Calendar, Maps, Music, Photos, Camera, Reminders, Safari, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Evernote, and iCloud Documents, among others.

Platform: iOS
Cost: $4.99/Launch special price of $2.99

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