Apps that Make Math Accessible and Fun

By Tracey Dowdy

I’ve never been great at Math – ask Mrs. Mac Eachern, my fourth grade teacher, who labored harder teaching me fractions than giving birth to her children; or Mr. Mac Isaac, my high school algebra teacher, who once gave me a 10 on an algebra test, largely for penmanship. Any app that makes math both accessible and fun for students is a hit with me!

The following apps are kid and parent tested and cover a range of ages, skill levels, and math principles.

Dexteria Dots – Get in Touch with Math

dexteria-dotsTNDexteria Dots is presented in a simple, engaging format that challenges and builds on kids’ addition and subtraction skills. Dots are assigned values and users combine or separate the dots to find a specific value. There are three options for game play and each level has four options. Each challenge is timed and rewards are given for each success. The app reinforces thinking and reasoning skills, and because each level adapts to become more challenging, it will appeal to multiple skill levels.

Age: 5+
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Cost: $2.99


dinoramaTNDinorama allows kids to become young entrepreneurs and run their very own dinosaur theme park. Kids will develop management skills as they buy food for the dinosaurs, clean their cages, purchase features like cafés or a photo booth and deal with rainy days. So along with math, kids are learning social studies and time management skills. The game can be saved each time kids stop play, so picking up where they left off is easy. The purchase price includes all the features users can add to their park, so there are no additional in-app purchases.

Age: 7+
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Cost: $1.99

Motion Math: Zoom

motion-mathTNMotion Math: Zoom allows kids to practice using the number line. The first twelve levels are included or parents can upgrade with an in-app purchase for the full 24 levels. Making frogs leap or bugs creep along the number line, kids learn how numbers relate to each other, addition and subtraction principles, decimals, and negative numbers.

Age: 7+
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Cost: $2.99, plus optional in-app purchase of $2.99

Numbers League

numbers-leagueTNNumbers League uses a comic book style where students use basic math skills to build a superhero in order to defeat villains. There are five levels of play, hints are offered, and users have the option to discard and try again if they get stuck. Along with basic math skills, players are challenged to use logic. They can only have up to seven superheroes in play at a time, so players must determine which heroes to keep in order to overcome the villain.

Age: 7+
Platform: iPad
Cost: $3.99

Slice Fractions

slice-fractionsTNSlice Fractions challenges kids to divide chunks of ice or lava into appropriate numbers of pieces to help a woolly mammoth navigate across the landscape. There are three stages of play, each more challenging and incorporating additional fraction concepts to challenge users. Kids earn silly hats for the mammoth and badges for achieving different levels of play.

Age: 7+
Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android
Cost: $2.99

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Toronto, ON. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances and researches on subjects from family and education to pop culture and trends in technology. Follow Tracey on Twitter.

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