Apps for Your TV

We love our apps – those small downloadable programs that turn our smartphones and tablets into news and weather feeds, sports tickers, portable music players, gaming platforms, and much, much more. But if we can get those apps on our small screens, why can’t we get them on our big screens? Well, now we can with FiOS TV Widgets.

Just like smartphone apps, FiOS TV widgets are small Internet-enabled applications, only these apps run on your FiOS TV set-top box and are controlled from your TV remote.

FiOS TV Widgets are completely free to FiOS TV subscribers and are a great way to make your TV more useful and fun. Watching TV and want to check your Facebook page without powering up your computer? Just call up the Facebook widget and you’re connected to family and friends. Want to listen to your favorite songs and artists? Use the Pandora widget and get instant personalized radio stations right there on your TV.

FiOS TV Widgets deliver news and weather, sports and fantasy football stats, and even your favorite YouTube videos. Other widgets complement existing TV programming by enhancing the TV shopping experience, or notifying you when your favorite sports teams are in action. You can even use the Twitter widget to stream tweets on your favorite TV shows.

Not to be outdone by smartphones and tablets, FiOS TV Widgets are turning our living rooms into interactive entertainment centers. Just one more reason to make the switch to FiOS TV!

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