Apps for Celebrating Independence Day

By Robyn Wright

Independence Day is coming up and that means lots of fun, fireworks and food, and all the other great things we love about summer. Everyone’s Independence Day is a little different, so here is an assortment of apps for your smartphones and tablets. You can create your own firework displays, get some great recipes for the BBQ, and even have first aid instructions at the ready just in case! Happy 4th of July!

Fireworks Deluxe Full

fireworks-deluxeWon’t get a chance to see the real thing? Fireworks Deluxe gives you a gorgeous display of fireworks right on your smartphone or tablet. I love the silhouette feature in the foreground!

Platform: Android
Cost: 99¢

Fireworks Arcade

fireworks-arcadeFireworks Arcade lets you watch a fireworks display, create your own, or play one of several games that use fireworks – all in one app!

Platform: Windows Phone
Cost: free

Phantom Fireworks

phantom-fireworksThe Phantom Fireworks app lets you find the nearest Phantom Fireworks store, get offers, and even see demos of the different fireworks that are available.

Platform: Android, iOS
Cost: free

Fourth of July

fourth-of-julyFourth of July is a simple coloring app with the perfect designs, so your little ones can celebrating Independence Day too!

Platform: Android
Cost: free

American Red Cross First Aid

american-red-crossUnfortunately, accidents do happen, so be prepared! The American Red Cross First Aid  app includes a guide on how to give first aid to those that need it – just in case.

Platform: Android, iOS, Kindle Fire (English), Android, iOS (Spanish)
Cost: free

Foodie Recipes

foodie-recipesFoodie Recipes includes a great collection of barbecue recipes to cook up this holiday weekend and all summer long.

Platform: iOS
Cost: free

UV Index Alert

uv-index-alertWith UV Index Alert, you input your zip code and find out what the UV Index is for your area. Now you know how many layers of protection to apply when you plan on being outdoors!

Platform: Windows Phone
Cost: free

Robyn Wright is a social media specialist and blogs on her own blog,, as well as several other sites. Robyn has a love for family, technology, food and lots of apps!

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