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Online Children Need Online Parents

  • A web site created to help parents safely harness the power of technology
  • A support environment providing news, analysis and advice on the critical technology issues facing every parent
  • A destination that recommends solutions and provides immediate answers to parents’ questions

Defining Tech-Needy Parents

  • 40 million kids 3-17 use a computer at home
  • 25 million kids have Internet access at home
  • 94% of parents go online for information
  • >75% are concerned that their kids will give out personal information or view inappropriate material on the web

The Online Mom Difference – focused content through the lens of parents of kids age 3-18

  • providing comprehensive targeted information, guidelines and advice
  • addressing essential safety and security issues
  • recommendations and the latest news and product reviews
  • positive and creative ways to harness the power of the web
  • guidelines for empowering their children to become responsible cyber citizens

The Online Mom Audience

  • 81% female; 19% male
  • ages 25-49; median age 40
  • 77% college educated
  • 68% HHI > $100,000

Educated, affluent, engaged decision-makers

The Online Mom Opportunity

  • Charter Packages – total customization, incorporating online and face-to-face opportunities
  • Ground Floor Advantage – bonus impressions, PR exposure, viral programs
  • Certified Product Status – The Online Mom Certification program
  • Prominent web site advertising opportunities

What They Are Saying About The Online Mom

“Webroot chose to partner with TheOnlineMom when the concept was still in development because we believe so strongly in the need to provide parents with relevant, up-to-date information about the technology that their kids are using each and every day. By working together we have been able extend the reach of the information and hopefully serve as a resource to both parents and kids trying to understand today’s complex and ever-changing technology landscape.”
Bob Berger, Webroot

“The Online Mom is a really promising source of both entertainment and education for parents, providing moms and dads with very useful tools not only for managing the technology use of pre-teens and teens but also for kids in the 3-8 age bracket.”
The Independent – London

“The Online Mom helps parents stay current on the latest tech geared to kids and keeps them abreast of possible dangers lurking around cyber corners.  On of the greatest appeals, however, is it also talks about the advantages of technology for children; it’s not all gloom and doom about technology on The Online Mom, which we appreciate.”
The Mom Salon

“The Online Mom is a nice resource for moms (and dads) needing to get up-to-speed on what their children are doing…lots of resources here including links to other sites.”
Arkansas Gazette

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