7 reasons why a tablet beats a laptop

If you are thinking about buying a tablet computer, then you should probably compare it to the productivity and convenience you get from a laptop. After all, your tablet is unlikely to replace your smartphone and it would be great if you could carry one less device, not one more.

If people decide to stick with their laptops rather than take the tablet plunge, it’s usually because of the availability of more sophisticated office applications and a perception that laptops provide more processing power. However, newer tablets have made dramatic advances in both these areas, and many people are now choosing the more mobile devices for their everyday business needs.

But there are several other reasons why it makes sense to choose a tablet over a laptop. Here are just a few that spring to mind:

Take the weight off

I have spent years carting around my six pound laptop and have the lower back pain to prove it. Even Ultrabooks weigh-in at an inconvenient 3.5 pounds or more. Most tablets come in under 1.5 pounds, with 7-inch tablets weighing half as much again. Once you own a tablet, you will take it everywhere – starting with the bedroom to read a book or watch a movie!

No more burning

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly worried about the heat that laptops give off, whether they are resting on my own lap or on my kids’. The different style processors and lower power requirements of tablets mean much less heat, and whatever heat that tablets do produce is easily dissipated through the screen and shell. And less heat means no fan. Cooler and quieter – I’ll take that!

Longer battery life

If you are taking your laptop anywhere for any length of time, then you will also need to bring a charging cable and find a power source. In contrast, you can get up to 10 hours of Web surfing or video watching on just one charge of a tablet. That’s more time for movies, books and music!

Online anywhere

Unless you have a mobile hotspot, then you and your laptop are going to be constantly looking for public Wi-Fi so you can get online. And even if you do find a public network, security concerns might severely restrict what you can do. There are no such problems with a cellular tablet: lightning-fast 4G networks will connect you safely and securely from almost anywhere!

Apps, apps and more apps!

There are now over 500,000 custom apps for tablets. Whether you are interested in education, health and fitness, travel or sports, there are literally thousands of apps to choose from. In many cases, newspaper and magazine publishers have specifically reformatted their content for all the popular tablets, turning those devices into the perfect showcase for news reports, opinion, photos and video. Sure, you can get some of the same content on a laptop – if you have the time and the patience to track it down!

So simple, a child could use one!

The small sizes, bright colors, and intuitive controls make tablets the perfect entertainment and learning devices for kids. While you would think twice about handing over your heavy and expensive laptop to your pre-schooler, a tablet is a safe and engaging alternative. And those 500,000 apps I mentioned? Tens of thousands of them are specifically designed for kids.

Working in the Cloud

Thanks to cloud computing and cloud storage, one of the biggest drawbacks of tablet ownership has all but disappeared. Although most tablets will offer a maximum storage capacity of ‘only’ 64GB, integrated cloud storage options offer virtually unlimited alternatives. That not only means no need for USB sticks or external hard drives, but more security for your personal files and data.

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