7 Back-to-School Apps for High Schoolers

The kids may just be getting back from camp but it’s never too early to start thinking about what they will need for back to school. Being organized and having the right study tools at their disposal will be half the battle. That’s when smartphones and tablets can stop being a distraction and start being a 24/7 study aid.

Today’s mobile devices can help students by providing everything from a quick dictionary definition to an in-depth math tutorial. There are dozens of apps that will help your student get organized for the new school year, and hundreds more that cover everything from chemistry to calculus. Here are 7 of our favorite back-to-school apps for high-schoolers:

  • myHomework

    myHomeworkA must for every student, myHomework allows them to quickly organize and access homework assignments and classes with a simple touch. Includes calendar, reminders and the ability to sync to your student’s home computer and other devices. Students can see what classes they have each day and what assignments are late, complete or coming up. They can even add after-hours activities for a complete picture of the entire school day.

    Platform:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android
    Price: Free
  • iStudiez Pro

    iStudiezIt’s hard enough to remember all those tangents and cosines without worrying about where and when the calculus class actually is! iStudiez’ powerful calendars and schedules will do all the heavy lifting for students, simplifying the school day with notifications and alarms so they’ll never miss a class. It’ll even track grades, so if they start slipping, iStudiez Pro can remind your student to start polishing a few apples!

    Platform:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
    Price: $0.99
  • Dictionary.com

    DictionaryOne of the most overlooked weapons in a student’s arsenal, a proper dictionary is absolutely essential for any serious student. Featuring over 2 million definitions, synonyms and antonyms in the dictionary and built-in Thesaurus, Dictionary.com includes audio search and pronunciation, and example sentences for a precise understanding. Dictionary.com also works off line when searching words, so no Internet connection is needed.

    Platform:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android
    Price: Free
  • FlashCards Deluxe

    FlashCardsAlthough index cards can still be helpful in committing important facts to memory, today’s students shouldn’t have to suffer a messy pile of 3 x 5 notes when they can swipe through virtual cards on their iPad or iPhone. Not only will Flashcards Deluxe save precious room in backpacks everywhere, it will help students learn in ways index cards never could, with intuitive study modes, pictures and audio recordings.

    Platform:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
    Price: $3.99
  • Khan Academy

    KhanThis award-winning app for the iPad gives students access to a library of over 3,200 videos explaining and illustrating everything from advanced mathematical problems to straightforward historical events. All the short lessons are conducted in the Khan Academy’s trademark style, with simple steps and a clear narration. A log allows students to record the videos they have seen and track their progress. Khan Academy is a great teaching aid, as well as a study

    Price: Free
  • iTunes U

    iTunes_UiTunes U consists of a more than 500,000 free lectures, videos, books and other resources on subjects from algebra to zoology. Courses are created and taught by instructors from leading universities and other schools, including Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, UC Berkeley and more. Students can take notes and highlight text in iBooks, as well as share favorite courses with friends using Twitter, Mail and more. Despite the higher education feel, iTunes U is designed to assist both high schoolers and college undergraduates.

    Platform:iPad, iPhone, iPod touch
    Price: Free
  • Free Graphing Calculator

    graphing-calculatorThe graphing calculator has long been a staple of every high-schooler’s backpack but at $100 and up, the Texas Instruments version can make a dent in any household budget. Instead iPhone and iPad owners can turn to the Free Graphing Calculator app from William Jockusch. Covering all the usual math topics such as algebra, calculus, geometry, trigonometry and vectors, the Graphic Calculator also helps with scientific calculations.

    Platform:iPhone, iPad, iPod touch
    Price: Free


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