6 Useful Tips When Applying for Jobs Online

By Robyn Wright

Many people will graduate around this time of year and start looking for full-time employment. The process will be a bit different depending on your goals and your educational background. However, no matter what the circumstances, there are a few things that can help you with the process. It is much easier to prepare these things ahead of time than learn as you go along.

Create a Cheat Sheet

This is just for your own use. Create a document that contains all the information that you will need for resumes and job applications. Include things like dates of education, courses studied, awards, dates of employment, addresses of past employers, personal references, and email contacts. Having all these things in one place will make it much easier to complete online applications. Store your cheat sheet in the cloud for easy access anywhere you go.

Create a Professional Resume

Many employers will let you email or upload your resume. Take the time to create a professional-looking resume, proofread it, and have it ready at all times. Again, you can store your documents in the cloud for easy access. Microsoft has several free resume templates to choose from.

Set Aside Some Time

Unfortunately someone decided that online applications should be really long. Even for simple jobs it can take 30-45 minutes to fill out the required application. I found this out when my teenage son was looking for part-time jobs. Make sure to plan time in your day to complete these lengthy applications.

Create a Job Only Email Address

Create an e-mail address just for your job hunt, so you can keep all your work related emails together. Use a variation of your real name and not a silly moniker. This gives you a more professional appearance to potential employers.

Create an About Me Page or Online Resume

Use a resource like About.me to create a page about yourself with your professional information. Include this in your email signature and even put the URL on your resume. This gives people a place to go and find out more about you. You can customize it a bit to reflect your personality – just don’t get too carried away!


Use your existing social networks to share with your friends and family that you are looking for a position. Update them often, letting them know what kind of work you are looking for and how to reach you. Who you know can always give you a helping hand in landing a job.

The whole process of looking for a job can be a little overwhelming, but having a plan and the tools in place to help with your search can make it far less stressful. Make a plan to find that perfect job!

Robyn Wright is a social media specialist and blogs on her own blog, RobynsOnlineWorld.com, as well as several other sites. Robyn has a love for family, technology, food and lots of apps!

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