6 Back To School Device Tips

By Robyn Wright

Even though it is still summer, school will be back in session before you know it. These days, parents have another item to figure out for their children: mobile devices and technology. Today’s students have an amazing array of devices available to them but they still need direction and guidelines for using them. Here are six tips for getting your kids ready for the upcoming school year:

  1. Set School Night Rules
    Before the school year even begins, establish the rules in your home for your kids and their devices. What can they use for homework? When can they use for fun? What time do they have to put their devices away? Include the consequences for not following the rules.
  2. Set Up a Home Charging Station
    Kids (and adults) are drawn to devices even when they should be sleeping. Set up a family charging station where all the phones, tablets, and laptops must be placed at night for charging. Establish what time the devices must be placed in the charging area.
  3. Do Not Use Device as an Alarm Clock
    Stick with a regular alarm clock to wake up in the morning. This keeps the devices out of bedrooms overnight (see charging station above).
  4. Find and Use Scheduling and Organizational Apps
    Our kids’ devices can help them stay on schedule and get organized with their school and after-school activities. Find age-appropriate tools and apps for your kids, and then show them how to use them to establish an effective routine.
  5. Understand Your School’s Electronics Policy
    Most schools have a policy about how and when electronics such as phones and tablets are used on school premises. Check out the rules before the first day of school. You may not agree with them, but those are the rules the kids will have to stick with. Make sure you and your children know what is allowed and the consequences if the policies are not followed.
  6. Set up Family Locator Service
    If you are a busy family with after school sports, evening classes, and more, then a family locator service might be helpful and offer some much-needed peace of mind. Family location services allow you to set up notifications when you kids arrive at or leave certain areas. Verizon’s Family Locator is just one of many options.

Robyn Wright is a social media specialist and blogs on her own blog, RobynsOnlineWorld.com, as well as several other sites. Robyn has a love for family, technology, food and lots of apps!

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