5 Apps to Help You Recycle

Here’s a fact you may (or may not) already know: We don’t recycle enough.

Recent data from IPSOS Public Affairs showed that only half of Americans recycle on a daily basis. Why? There are so many reasons we give Mother Earth as to why we can’t find the time to recycle, the most popular being that recycling facilities are just not accessible (25 percent). Others claim they don’t recycle because they are forgetful (10 per cent) or they just don’t have the time (10 percent). A smaller minority say they’re not really sure what is recyclable or not recyclable (8 percent), while some believe that recycling is too costly (6 percent).

No matter what the reason, there is very little excuse for not trying to recycle, especially when it comes to consumer electronics. Here are five apps that will not only help you in recycle but also motivate you to become an eco-buff:

  • iRecycle

    Talking with patients online: Where are the boundaries?Have you ever heard of Earth911? Earth911 is an organization that helps people all over the world learn more about recycling by providing ideas that are easy to implement. To help them spread this initiative further, they created the iRecycle app for iPhone and Android users. iRecycle helps you find accessible recycling venues in your area, and suggests a million different ways to recycle materials that will surely delight techie DIY-ers.

  • 1800Recycling.com

    Talking with patients online: Where are the boundaries?Since one of the major problems we encounter when we want to recycle materials is where to take them, an app like 1800Recycling.com could do wonders for your recycling initiatives. It uses your GPS location to search for nearby recycling centers, and even allows you to search in specific locations. It covers the whole United States and even some parts of Canada.

  • Daily Lives Recycling: Plastics

    If you’re an Android user and you get confused about which of the materials in your house are recyclable, you could definitely make good use of an app called Daily Lives Recycling: Plastics. The app gives you many fresh ideas on how to recycle plastics, which account for up 10 percent of an average person’s lifetime disposals!

  • Gimme 5

    Talking with patients online: Where are the boundaries?For those who are not yet experts in the recycling business but are interested in becoming one, some of the most important things to know are the Recycling Numbers. Recycling Numbers, also known as the SPI resin identification system, is a set of numbers that you can usually see at the bottom of a plastic container which is inside the recycling logo. This helps identify what kind of plastic it is and if it’s safe for recycling. The most common and profitable kind of plastic to recycle is number 5 which is known for its polymer name, polypropylene. These include yogurt cups, auto parts, and dishware. Gimme 5 is a great app for helping you identify whether the plastic you’re about to recycle is a 5 or not. It also helps you learn more about plastic recycling in general.

  • EcoSmart – Recycling Made Easy

    ecosmartRemember those multi-colored bins at school for recycling? Studies have proven that different colored bins can actually promote and motivate recycling. Since you don’t always know if your juice box or your crumpled paper is recyclable or not (and which bin you should put it in), try the EcoSmart app on your Android phone. This app will tell you the differences in recyclable materials, how they can be recycled, and what the policies in your area are when it comes to recycling waste!

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