4 Online Tools for Offline Safety

By Megan Valente

Gone are the evenings of wearing cowbells around your neck when you go out to alert the kind townspeople that you are indeed present and are not looking for any trouble. You’ve got cow bells along with your deadly frying pan (a Tangled movie reference) and you sure know how to use ‘em if anyone tries to mess with you.

Wait, is that just me that does that? I just prefer to air on the side of safety. Well luckily you can now walk home alone safely or live with less stress by using 4 simple tools, none of which involve cowbells, even if you can turn them into a great statement piece.

The concept I’m about to introduce may seem paradoxical, or at least somewhat humorous, but there are some pretty brilliant ways to use your online devices to keep you safe offline. Don’t believe me? Read on.


Is the type of app that everyone should have on their phone. Whether you’re a youngster walking home from a party or a seasoned professional choosing a different way to walk to work, Companion tracks your movements and sends updates to selected contacts. If the user runs, the headphones are ripped out, or the user feels they are in danger, the app will immediately notify the contacts and the police if the “I’m okay” button is not pressed by the user. The app will also emit loud noises to frighten a potential attacker and flashing lights to ward them off. This app is a must have for all situations – and it’s free!


On a less intense note, the UVLens app was created to provide the UV forecast so you can be better prepared for your day, especially in the blistering summer months that are approaching. It plans the best times to be outside, as well as your burn risk based on your skin type, so you know approximately how long you can be out in the sun. My burn risk probably hovers at about 3-4 minutes in the sun on a good day so…that’s where I’m at.


Amazon’s Alexa has a great feature that my family uses for my grandparents’ home. Users can ask Alexa to call their buddies and it will instantly alert all the preset contacts that something is wrong. This tool is particularly helpful in instances such as a person falling when nobody is around, or when someone with medical problems needs to get immediate help. And the best part? Alexa even tells jokes.

Alexa, tell me a joke.”
“What do you call a snarky criminal going down the stairs…..A condescending con descending.”

I just choked on my coffee.


Safeture is essential for any travel junkies or for people who just really, really like to be safe. The app alerts you in real time about any travel dangers, warnings or threats made in or around the area where you are. Available In over 90 languages, Safeture is a necessity with all the madness that has been going on. Don’t let fear stop you from travelling!

While there is no way to foolproof your life from accidents and harm, even if you choose to spend your day in bubble wrap, there are preventative measures that can be taken to help you worry less, relax more, have another drink, and be safe!

Megan Valente is a lifestyle blogger and barista and is currently attending Montclair State University. Follow her on Twitter at @TheDayILived.

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