7 Reasons to Buy the Nokia Lumia Icon

There are so many great smartphones these days that you could be forgiven for stifling a yawn when yet another ‘groundbreaking’ device hits the stores or flashes across your TV screen. But every so often, one of these new smartphones actually delivers on the promise of innovation and raises the bar for every mobile device that follows. One of those landmark smartphones is the new Nokia Lumia Icon.

Nokia Lumia phones have been around for a while, steadily gaining positive reviews as Nokia embraced the Windows Phone OS and developed a series of outstanding custom apps. The Nokia Lumia catalog includes the highly acclaimed Nokia Lumia 822 and Nokia Lumia 928, both exclusive to Verizon.

If you have ever toyed with the idea of ditching your Android or iOS device for a Windows phone, then the Nokia Lumia Icon makes a compelling case for a switch. Here are 7 reasons why:

Perhaps the best smartphone camera ever!

Nokia Lumia smartphones have always had a great reputation for built-in cameras but the Lumia Icon takes smartphone photography to another level. The 20 megapixel camera features one of the most powerful smartphone sensors on the market, allowing you to take amazing close-ups or zoom in on your subject even after you have taken the shot. The Creative Studio suite of editing apps allows you to adjust color balance, add filters, remove red-eye and make the most of your photos before you share them on Facebook or Twitter.

Top class video recording

While most smartphone manufacturers are content to upgrade the camera, few put as much effort into the phone’s video capability. The Nokia Lumia Icon changes all that by adding video zoom, optical image stabilization, and four (yes, four!) microphones for enhanced video sound. The directional mics are particularly impressive at blocking out background noise and capturing only the sound that matters. Your videos have never sounded so good!

Active home screen

If you are tired of the inflexibility of the iPhone’s home screen or the complexity of the multiple Android screens, then the active home screen on the Lumia Icon could be the answer. The multi-tile format allows for endless customization, and the ability to directly link the tiles to widgets and active pages makes for a constantly changing and informative display. Whether you want the latest stock quotes or your favorite photo montage, everything can be linked to an active tile and re-sized to your liking.

Enhanced display

The Nokia Lumia Icon features an automatic brightness control, which reacts to the surrounding light to make the screen as readable as possible, even in bright sunlight. The 5-inch display also features tough Corning Gorilla Glass and a pixel density of 441 ppi for incredible contrast and clarity.

Nokia MixRadio

The Nokia Lumia Icon is one of the few smartphones, other than the iPhone, to acknowledge the importance of music to the average mobile device user. Not only does the Lumia Icon have great speakers for headphone-free playback, but it also has Nokia MixRadio, a Pandora-style music system that is both subscription and ad free.