7 Apps for a More Beautiful Home

Spring is here and it’s time to get started on those home remodeling and landscaping projects you have been thinking about all Winter. There are bedrooms to decorate, exterior walls to paint, gutters to replace, flowers to plant, and 101 other tasks that will have your home looking its best.

If you’re planning on tacking a few of these tasks yourself, then there’s a helpful tool that you won’t find in your toolbox. It’s called your smartphone, and it’s your gateway to dozens of apps offering advice and tips on everything from color schemes to major construction. Here are 7 of our favorites:

  • Garden Pro HD!

    gardenproA comprehensive reference guide listing over 7,000 species, Garden Pro HD! will help you manage your garden and tell you everything you need to know about plants, shrubs, flowers and more. Garden Pro HD! includes information on planting times, soil requirements, light and watering needs, as well as how to recognize and treat pests and other problems. Everything is carefully cataloged, and a photo journal feature allows you to track your progress.

    Price: $3.99
  • Photo Measures

    photomeasuresIf you constantly need to take measurements for decorating projects or new furniture, then Photo Measures is a great time-saver. Just take photos of each space or room, enter the target dimensions and Photo Measures will append the measurements to the actual photos, giving you a permanent record of your home. Whether you are house hunting, remodeling, or just looking for new curtains, Photo Measures will make sure everything fits perfectly!

    Price: $6.99
  • Landscaper’s Companion

    landscapersAnother excellent resource for the casual gardener or the professional landscaper, the Landscaper’s Companion contains information on over 26,000 trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials. The comprehensive search feature allows you to quickly find what you are looking for, and every listing comes with detailed information on planting and ongoing care. Most descriptions also come with beautiful photo illustrations.

    Platform:iOS, Android
    Price: $4.99
  • Mark On Call™ HD

    homedesignSpecifically optimized for the iPad, Mark On Call HD is a complete planning and design tool for interior design professionals and serious DIY-ers. This virtual planning tool lets you reimagine any space in your home by applying different styles, color and décor. Using the iPad camera, decorations and other room elements can be overlaid on an existing space, and resulting images can measured and stored. With Mark On Call HD, you can create inventories and shopping lists, and everything is easily transferable to professional designers or contractors.

    Price: $2.99
  • Garden Plan Pro

    garden-plan-proIf you plan on eating what you grow, then Garden Plan Pro will set you on the right path. Whether you are laying out a vegetable, herb or fruit garden, Garden Plan Pro will give you great tips and easy-to-read instructions. Garden Plan Pro will adapt to your area and growing conditions, and a free online service will provide you with twice-a-month reminders and a to-do list

    Price: $7.99
  • Garden Tracker

    gardentrackerGarden Tracker is a great way to plan and manage your garden. By sub-dividing your garden into smaller squares, you can track progress of individual areas, including the planting, watering and fertilizing schedule, as well as the number of days to harvest. Garden Tracker is pre-loaded with detailed information on over 50 common vegetables, herbs and flowers, and you can add more items as your garden continues to grow.

    Platform:iOS, Android
    Price: $3.99
  • iHandy Level Free

    ihandyThe free iHandy Level app means one less tool you have to find or go out and buy. The iHandy level turns your iPhone or Android device into a perfect level for everything from picture alignment to measuring roof pitches and more. Once calibrated, the iHandy level is sensitive to a fraction of a degree and will make sure those DIY projects are done right.

    Platform:iOS, Android
    Price: Free


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