Facebook Rolls Out Un-send Option for Messenger

By Tracey Dowdy

Ever send a message and feel almost instant regret? Maybe it’s an angry response, perhaps you’ve shared sensitive information with the wrong people, or you simply don’t want to open a conversation. Of course you have – it happens to the best of us.

Well, have I got good news for you. The Facebook gods have heard our cries of despair, and starting today – February 5, 2019 – they’ve announced that you now have a whopping ten minutes to take it all back.

The new “Remove For Everyone” option allows users to un-send messages from both individual conversations and group chats. Once the message is removed, a message appears letting everyone know the message was deleted.

To take advantage of Remove for Everyone on your phone, press and hold on the message – again, it needs to be within that ten-minute window. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Remove. A prompt will then appear asking if you want to Remove for everyone or Remove for You.

If you choose Remove for You, the message will be deleted from your view – everyone else will still have access to it. If you choose Remove for Everyone, the message will be deleted for the entire group. In its place, Messenger will display text saying the sender has deleted the original message.

If you’re accessing Messenger through Facebook’s website, however, instead of pressing and holding a sent message, users will need to click on the three-dot icon beside the message, then choose Remove. Next, a prompt will appear onscreen asking if you want to remove from your view or delete the message from the group.

As always, you can report conversations that violate Facebook’s Community Standards 

Tracey Dowdy is a freelance writer based just outside Washington DC. After years working for non-profits and charities, she now freelances, edits and researches on subjects ranging from family and education to history and trends in technology. Follow Tracey on Twitter.


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