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  • 4 Online Tools for Offline Safety

    By Megan Valente Gone are the evenings of wearing cowbells around your neck when you go out to alert the kind townspeople that you are indeed present and are not looking for any trouble. You’ve got cow bells along with your deadly frying pan (a Tangled movie reference) and you sure know how to use

  • What’s Hot in Technology

    By Megan Valente Technology trends seem to be changing faster than the winds and with little to no warning… “What are kids using nowadays?” is something even I ask, despite being a 20 year old college student. Because keeping up with all of these trends can be exceptionally difficult, here is a list of “what’s

  • Spring Cleaning Your Digital World

    By Megan Valente You can put off your spring cleaning by insisting that the dust bunnies are festive for Easter, but really, you know you should probably do it anyway. To kick-off the preparations for the upcoming warm weather that we so desperately need, here are a few tips to clean up your virtual spaces…which

  • Time to Step Up Your Game with Micro Learning

    By Megan Valente Education is the new black. As Oscar Wilde’s famous quote goes, “You can never be overdressed or overeducated,” and I find that to be true on multiple fronts. Really, what’s better than looking fiercely good and being wickedly smart? I’ll wait. However, not everyone has the luxury of time or money to

  • The Growing Influence of YouTube

    By Megan Valente When we were travelling in London, my high school-aged sister seemed to know every restaurant name, brand status and event that we encountered in the same way she would know the score to the latest soccer game. Naturally this garnered my family’s curiosity as to how a girl who barely leaves her

  • Just How Safe Are You When You Go Online?

    By Megan Valente I’d say that my bed is easily my favorite place in the world. It’s where I get a lot of my work done, a good night’s sleep, and binge watch all of my Netflix. However, I’ve slowly come to realize over the years that I might not even be safe in my

  • Students: Time to Reclaim Your Tech!

    By Megan Valente I like to compare my collegiate career to a boxing match. I voluntarily stepped into the ring with a crowd cheering me on, repeatedly got punched in the face, bled a little bit, tallied up a few wins, and then forgot what I was doing from getting punched in the head so

  • Is There Life After Snapchat?

    By Megan Valente I once told someone that I considered Snapchat to be like an online video journal that not only documented the events that constructed my day, but also as a tool of reflection. She then scoffed and told me that was the stupidest thing that she had ever heard. If I’m being honest,

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Navigating Your Future with 5G

Navigating Your Future with 5G

Join host Marv Dorner (@bebizzy) at 9pm on Thursday, February 13 as we help you navigate the future with 5G!

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